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Add: 3rd Floor, 1#Building, Baolong City Square, No.2449 Jinhai Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86-15000854420

Email: sales2@mpmc-china.com

Website: www.mpmc-china.com


MPMC Powertech Corp is one of the top level China container diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers, we export container diesel generator for industrial use, construction, highway, mining, military, telecommunication, banking, data center, oilfield, hospital, rental, harbor, and exhibition, welcome to buy cheap cummins and perkins container genset, container power generator, container generating set, container electric generator, container diesel generator sets in China, and for sale from us.

  • Cummins Container Generator

    Contact NowCummins Container GeneratorMPMC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of diesel generator sets powered by Cummins diesel engines. DCEC and CCEC are JV companies of Cummins Inc. MPMC cooperated with Cummins for many years,Read More2015-12-30

  • Perkins Container Generator

    Contact NowPerkins Container GeneratorMPMC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of diesel generator sets powered by Perkins diesel engines. We choose Perkins(UK) engine, with quick and reliable cold start performance, applying advaRead More2015-12-30

  • MTU Container Generator

    Contact NowMTU Container GeneratorMTU Daimler - Benz Group of Companies, is the world's leading diesel engine manufacturer, MPMC cooperated with MTU for many years, MPMC MU series high-power generator sets, powered by MTU electronic iRead More2015-12-30

  • Yuchai Container Generator

    Contact NowYuchai Container GeneratorMPMC powered by Yuchai diesel generator set with high reliability, low emissions, small vibration, low noise and long service life. Yuchai engine is China's leading engine manufacturer, the full rangeRead More2015-12-30

MPMC Powertech Corp

Add:3rd Floor,1#Building,Baolong City Square ,No.2449 Jinhai Road , Pudong New District, Shanghai,China
Tel: +86-15000854420

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